Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors, Executive management and Management. Click on the card of the member to learn more.

Alexander Martensen-Larsen
Chairman of the Board
Thor Skov Jørgensen
Board Member
Claus Jul Christiansen
Board Member
Lars Runov
Board Member

Executive Management

Jesper Roesgaard
CEO & Co-Founder
Jens Ole Lebeck
COO & Co-Founder
Mads Stoffer Larsen

Extended Management

Martin Sørensen
Camila Simonsen
Tine Pyndt Jørgensen
Director of Client Success
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Thor Skov Jørgensen

Board member

Executive Vice President at Salling Group
Thor has previously worked six years with Boston Consulting Group with project experience in the Nordics, Australia, the US, and the UK. Thor’s primary focus has been within Retail and Consumer Goods, where he worked with business strategy, commercial excellence (e.g. go-to-market strategy), sales force effectiveness, sourcing, and organizational change management. More recently, Thor worked as COO for Netto International and Executive Vice President for føtex. Today Thor works as Executive Vice President for Digital & eCommerce at Salling Group holding extensive knowledge of the digital transformation of the retail industry. Hence, Thor is the perfect candidate to assist Relesys in penetrating the global retail market.

Not Independent of the Company
Upon completion of the Offering Thor will own 32,000 shares corresponding to 0.06% of Relesys A/S’ shares. No warrants have been issued to Thor Skov Jørgensen.

Martin Sørensen

CTO & Partner

Martin Sørensen has more than 20 years of experience in software development and IT project management. Before joining Relesys, he worked as a Chief Information Officer for six years and has held different positions within IT Project Management. In the day-to-day operations, Martin leads the Software Teams, working on the development and implementation of new technologies. In addition to being a true force of nature in leading his team of 14 developers and ensuring efficient operations, Martin has a distinct ability to identify, develop and commercialize modules and features that create value for both customers and for Relesys. Martin is driven by securing the best possible security standards for Relesys as well as for the customers. Further, he is passionate about defining value-creating co-development projects together with ambitious customers.

Martin is the owner of Martin Langholm Sørensen Holding ApS, that upon completion of the Offering owns 3,264,000 shares, corresponding to an ownership of 6.39% of the shares in Relesys A/S. No warrants have been issued to Martin Sørensen.

Andreas Villumsen

Director of Marketing

Andreas holds more than 10 years of marketing experience from Jabra, Visma, and EMC. Andreas has a well- documented and successful track record of developing and executing comprehensive marketing strategies and activities in accordance with both local and global business goals. Andreas strives in a dynamic, commercial and data-driven working environment with frequent interactions between sales and marketing in the work towards a common goal. At Relesys Andreas will be responsible for securing that the Account Based Marketing effort and the general lead generation runs efficiently. Andreas will help to define and execute the go-to-market strategy to ensure continued growth through onboarding of new customers and high retention.

Andreas M. Villumsen holds no shares in Relesys A/S. No warrants have been issued to Andreas M. Villumsen.

Casper Kræfting

Vice President, Global Sales

Casper Kræfting brings more than 16 years of experience in sales, sales leadership and people management from various industries, with the last 6 years spent in commercial leadership positions, in SaaS companies, such as Trustpilot, Peakon and Woomio. Having built, scaled and driven high performance sales teams throughout European markets several times before, Casper has demonstrated the abilities to head up the future commercial growth of Relesys. At Relesys he will be responsible for building and scaling the Sales Teams across markets to ensure that the go-to-market strategy will be executed properly.

Casper Kræfting holds no shares in Relesys A/S. Relesys A/S has issued 127,600, warrants to Casper Kræfting on 7 November 2021.